DNS Basics

Short for Domain Name System, DNS is an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. Because domain names are alphabetic, they’re easier to remember.

The DNS system is, in fact, its own network. If one DNS server doesn’t know how to translate a particular domain name, it asks another one, and so on, until the correct IP address is returned. When you use the Web or send an e-mail message, you use a domain name to do it. For example, the URL “http://www.google.com” contains the domain name google.com. So does the e-mail address “example@google.com”

Human-readable names like “google.com” are easy for people to remember, but they don’t do machines any good. All of the machines use names called IP addresses to refer to one another. For example, the machine that humans refer to as “www.google.com” has the IP address Every time you use a domain name, you use the Internet’s domain name servers (DNS) to translate the human-readable domain name into the machine-readable IP address. During a day of browsing and e-mailing, you might access the domain name servers hundreds of times!

Domain name servers translate domain names to IP addresses. That sounds like a simple task, and it would be — except for five things:

  • There are billions of IP addresses currently in use, and most machines have a human-readable name as well.
  • There are many billions of DNS requests made every day. A single person can easily make a hundred or more DNS requests a day, and there are hundreds of millions of people and machines using the Internet daily.
  • Domain names and IP addresses change daily.
  • New domain names get created daily.
  • Millions of people do the work to change and add domain names and IP addresses every day.

The DNS system is a database, and no other database on the planet gets this many requests. No other database on the planet has millions of people changing it every day, either. That is what makes the DNS system so unique!

Linux Memory Management

The concept of virtual memory is one of the very powerful aspects of memory management. Since the initial era of computers the need of memory more than the existing physical memory has been felt. Over the years, many solutions were used to overcome this issue and the most successful of them has been the concept of virtual memory.

Virtual memory makes your system appear as if it has more memory than it actually has. This may sound interesting and may prompt one to as how is this possible. So, lets understand the concept.

  • To start, we must first understand that virtual memory is a layer of memory addresses that map to physical addresses.
  • In virtual memory model, when a processor executes a program instruction, it reads the instruction from virtual memory and executes it.
  • But before executing the instruction, it first converts the virtual memory address into physical address.
  • This conversion is done based on the mapping of virtual to physical addresses that is done based on the mapping information contained in the page tables (that are maintained by OS).

The virtual and physical memory is divided into fixed length chunks known as pages. In this paged model, a virtual address can be divided into two parts :

  • An offset (Lowest 12 bits)
  • A virtual page frame number (rest of the bits)

When ever the processor encounters a virtual address, it extracts the virtual page frame number out of it. Then it translates this virtual page frame number into a physical page frame number and the offset parts helps it to go to the exact address in the physical page. This translation of addresses is done through the page tables.

Theoretically we can consider a page table to contain the following information :

  • A flag that describes whether the entry is valid or not
  • The physical page frame number as described by this entry
  • Access information regarding the page (like read-only, read-write etc)

A page table is accessed through virtual page frame number using it as offset for entries in the page table. For example, a virtual page frame number of ’2′ points to the entry ’1′ in the page table (the entry numbers begin with ’0′ ).

In the image below, VPFN stands for Virtual page frame number, and PFN indicates the physical page frame number.

It may happen that a processor goes to a processes page table entry with a virtual page frame number and finds the entry as invalid. In this case it is the processor’s responsibility to pass the control to kernel and ask it to fix the problem. Different processors pass the control in different ways but this phenomenon is known as a ‘page fault’. But if the entry was valid then processor takes the physical page frame number, multiplies with the size of the page to get the base address of the physical page and then adds the offset to get to the exact physical address.

So now we understand that through the concept of virtual memory, each process thinks that it has all range of virtual address at its disposal and hence this concepts make the system appear as if it has more physical memory than actually available.

Demand Paging

In the previous sectioned we learned that if the processor goes to the processes page table with a virtual page frame number for which no entry was present in the table then two cases arise.

Either the process has tried to access an invalid memory address
The physical page corresponding to the virtual address was not loaded into physical memory
Out of the two cases above, the case 1 is the case where the process tries to memory address which it is not allowed. In this case a page fault is generated and the kernel terminates the process.

While in case ’2′, as already explained, the physical page corresponding to the virtual address is not yet loaded into physical memory. In this case also a page fault is generated and the kernel then tries to bring the required memory page into physical memory from hard disk.

Since this operation of bringing a page from hard disk into physical memory is time consuming so by this time a context switch between processes happens and some other process is brought into execution. Meanwhile the page of the earlier process is brought into physical memory and the page tables are updated and then this process is brought back into execution again from the same instruction that caused the ‘page fault’.

This is known as demand paging where all the memory pages corresponding to a process are not present in the physical memory at any given time. This saves the physical memory from clogging up with non-required memory pages while when necessary these pages can be brought into physical memory through page fault (as explained above).

More YUM commands with Centos

Search for a Package using YUM

If you don’t remember the exact name of the package, then use search function to search all the available packages to match the name of the package you specified. For example, to search all the packages that matches the word.

# yum search vsftpd

Get Information of a Package using YUM

Say you would like to know information of a package before installing it.To get information of a package just issue the below command.

# yum info firefox

List all Available Packages using YUM

To list all the available packages in the Yum database, use the below command.

# yum list | less

List all Installed Packages using YUM

To list all the installed packages on a system, just issue below command, it will display all the installed packages.

# yum list installed | less

Yum Provides Function

Yum provides function is used to find which package a specific file belongs to. For example, if you would like to know the name of the package that has the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.

# yum provides /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Check for Available Updates using Yum

To find how many of installed packages on your system have updates available, to check use the following command.

# yum check-update

Update System using Yum

To keep your system up-to-date with all security and binary package updates, run the following command. It will install all latest patches and security updates to your system.

# yum update

List all available Group Packages

In Linux, number of packages are bundled to particular group. Instead of installing individual packages with yum, you can install particular group that will install all the related packages that belongs to the group. For example to list all the available groups, just issue following command.

# yum grouplist

Install a Group Packages

To install a particular package group, we use option as groupinstall. Fore example, to install “MySQL Database“, just execute the below command.

# yum groupinstall 'MySQL Database'

Update a Group Packages

To update any existing installed group packages, just run the following command as shown below.

# yum groupupdate 'DNS Name Server'

Remove a Group Packages

To delete or remove any existing installed group from the system, just use below command.

# yum groupremove 'DNS Name Server'

List Enabled Yum Repositories

To list all enabled Yum repositories in your system, use following option.

# yum repolist

List all Enabled and Disabled Yum Repositories

The following command will display all enabled and disabled yum repositories on the system.

# yum repolist all

Install a Package from Specific Repository

To install a particular package from a specific enabled or disabled repository, you must use –enablerepo option in your yum command. For example to Install PhpMyAdmin 3.5.2 package, just execute the command.

# yum --enablerepo=epel install phpmyadmin

Interactive Yum Shell

Yum utility provides a custom shell where you can execute multiple commands.

# yum shell

Clean Yum Cache

By default yum keeps all the repository enabled package data in /var/cache/yum/ with each sub-directory, to clean all cached files from enabled repository, you need to run the following command regularly to clean up all the cache and make sure that there is nothing unnecessary space is using. We don’t want to give the output of the below command, because we like to keep cached data as it is.

# yum clean all

View History of Yum

To view all the past transactions of yum command, just use the following command.

# yum history

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